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Spun silk
Spun silk

    The spun silk is spun silk engineering products. Spun silk size is generally high (50/2 240/2 branch), Hikaruzawa Junmi, soft touch. Suitable for the manufacture of advanced light fabric, or processed into silk, silk embroidery sewing. The company uses natural mulberry silk fiber of thin, soft, rich luster, hygroscopicity good, high count spun silk spinning, weaving thin spun silk is senior clothing materials; also can and chemical fiber, silk or wool yarn, woven into a beautiful appearance, wearing comfortable fabrics; silk can also manufacture of knitted fabric, and sewing thread, embroidery, silk. Made of silk bourette, soft and full, the surface of cotton seed, is a category with the style of dress material.

    The company production count range: 36-240 branch

    The company uses raw materials: natural mulberry silk