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Pure flax
Pure flax

    The development and utilization of flax is high, and the flax stem is an important raw material for the textile industry, which can be blended with other fibers. As compared with animal fiber, other plant fiber and synthetic fiber, flax fiber has many unique advantages that can not be replaced. It is important for the national economy. First, flax fiber tenacity, soft fine, its strength is 1.6 times the 1.5 times of cotton fiber, silk, spinning high count and fabric were smooth and clean, suitable for making high-grade clothing. Secondly, the flax fiber has strong moisture absorption, fast heat, friction resistance, high temperature resistant, non flammable, not easy to crack, conductivity is small, dust suction rate low, the antibacterial health care, and other unique advantages, and is suitable for making aircraft wing cloth, military cloth, fire protection, aerospace, medical and health care clothing and canvas, hoses, upholstery and process thorn rust goods etc.. Third, playing Ma scraps and tow also have higher use value, after processing of short fiber is cotton, and wool, silk, cotton, chemical fiber and other blended yarn, pure spinning yarn; tow is the high-quality raw materials for artificial boards and senior paper manufacturing.

     The company production count range: 24, 26, 28, 32, 34, 36 branch

    The company uses raw materials: Belgium imported flax