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    Only from the goat cashmere is cashmere, growth in goat outer epidermis, buried in the goat coarse hair root, a thin layer of fine cashmere, cold winter long, resist cold. Spring warming glabrescent, natural adaptation to climate, cashmere belongs to the rare special animal fiber (wool and cotton are different), is a kind of precious textile material. Cashmere is a root is fine and bending of fiber, which contains a lot of air, and the formation of air layer, defense against the invasion of cold air invasion, to retain body heat does not reduce. Cashmere is much thinner than wool, outer scales also denser and smoother than that of wool, so soft, light weight, good toughness. Particularly suitable for the production of underwear, personal wear, light, soft, soft, slippery, very comfortable, is unmatched by any fiber. Foreign referred to as the "diamond", "soft gold". Due to the Asian region of Kashmir in history was cashmere goats to the distribution of the output of Europe, so the habit cashmere known as "Kashmir cashmere); China adopts the homonym for" Cashmere ".

    The difference between wool and cashmere

    Wool crimp ratio of cashmere curl is small and cashmere fiber crimp number, degree of crimp and crimp recovery are larger, suitable for processing Knitwear full in touch, soft, good elasticity, wear comfortable and natural and good reduction property, especially after washing will not shrink in the wash, to keep good. Due to cashmere natural crimpness high. In spinning and weaving arranged closely and good cohesive force, so warm and good, wool of 1.5 times to 2 times. The leather content of the cashmere is higher than that of the wool, and the rigidity of the cashmere fiber is better than that of the wool. The fineness of cashmere is smaller than that of wool, and the appearance quality of the product is better than that of wool. The fineness of cashmere fiber is uniform, its density is smaller than that of wool, the cross section is more regular round, its products are thinner than wool products. The moisture absorption property of cashmere is better than that of wool, which can fully absorb the dye and is not easy to fade. High moisture regain, the resistance value is relatively large. Wool cashmere good acid and alkali resistance ratio, in case of oxidizing and reducing agents also less damage than cashmere. Usually the wool anti pilling of cashmere products than good, but felt great contraction.

    The production of the company 24-100 branch count range

    The company uses raw materials: Xinjiang pure cashmere